2018 Esports Survey


2018 Esports Survey


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Professional esports are at a critical juncture in the quest for growth and credibility, facing both great promise and substantial risks, according to a new survey by Foley & Lardner LLP and The Esports Observer. Industry participants expect revenues and investments to grow as esports breaks further into the mainstream, yet they harbor concerns about an array of threats and many are looking to stronger, centralized esports institutions to manage these concerns.
Respondents almost unanimously agree that industry growth over the past year has been led by two key factors: increased interest in streaming deals from major tech companies and TV networks and rising involvement of traditional professional sports teams, leagues and figures. In the year ahead, respondents widely expect traditional professional sports sources to boost their investments, while advertising, sponsorships and media rights are expected to drive the most revenue growth.
To ensure that this financial picture materializes, however, respondents appear eager to address a range of risks to the legitimacy and growth of esports, with match fixing topping that list. Other perceived threats include illegal gambling, the repeal of U.S. net neutrality regulations and a lack of safeguards for underage players. In addition, respondents are concerned about a range of legal issues, particularly cybersecurity and malware attacks and intellectual property rights and licensing issues.
Amid this risk and uncertainty, it’s not surprising that industry participants back stronger esports institutions. They showed the greatest support for players associations to build stability and protect players from exploitation, as well as considerable backing for an organized lobbying group to support the industry. They are more divided over the idea of establishing a single governing body to regulate the industry and set uniform rules. Overall, our survey depicts a maturing industry with participants that are heavily focused on protecting and legitimizing their brands as interest and investment in esports continue to grow. As one survey respondent put it, “esports is in a positive but volatile place.”




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